Vinhos da Arealva, Ginjal, Lisboa, Portugal

Posted: November 29, 2010 in Portugal

Although I lived a few hundred meters from this place, back in the 90’s, it was only in 2006 that I visited for the first time. Typically the site is accessed after a 10 min ferry crossing from Lisbon to Cacilhas (departures from Cais do Sodré ferry station, which is served by Metro). Once in Cacilhas, one should walk West (i.e. to the right as we leave the ferry), always close to the water. After a great walk of about 1 km (which worth the visit for itself) one reaches the abandoned facilities.

The first building in the spot was a fortress (Forte da Pipa), abandoned in the 17th Century. Immediately after that the Arealva Farm was created. The company was inspired in the most modern methods and soon grow as a producer and distributor of top quality wines, developing some parallel activities like dealing with olive oil. In 1861 the local business man Domingos Afonso, who largely invested in the wine industry, was the owner of Vinhos da Arealva. Later, the ownership moved to Sociedade Vinícola Sul de Portugal, which hold the company until the end.

There are no projects to revive the place although some talk has been made about the pathway along the river. The potential of the whole area it’s obvious. It’s close to the populational heart of the country, namely to the capital Lisbon, and the beauty and interest of the place it’s an asset which has to be considered.


Coordinates:  38° 40.901’N    9° 10.039’W

Another gallery available online:


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