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White Rocks Complex, Malta

Posted: February 15, 2011 in Malta


Today, a ghost resort complex. In the past… well I read some reports placing the complex building in the 40’s. Which I don’t believe considering the architecture of the whole place. Then I read a comment saying the complex was built in the 60’s which sounds more realistic. Initially it would work as a residential complex for British military with families. Apparently there were several building stages, leading to the final layout which took over about 137.000 sqm out of 369.000 sqm of grounds attached to the project. About 400 – 500 apartments/rooms were available.



Before entering the residential area, the explorer will see the reception and common areas, including a ruined swimming-pool which, accordingly to a French who was sent there by the family to something like a Summer camp, had so much chlorine that the eyes would burn a lot after a swim.

Accordingly to a testimonial the place was generally known amongst the British as St.Patrick’s Officers Married Quarters, and were available to junior officers from all branches. Still following the same source, the accomodation was of high quality, in a mix of 4 bedroom houses and 3 bedroom flats. All of them were provided with central heating, phone and garage.



The complex was handed to Maltese authorities when the British left, in 1979. Political divergences led to a deadlock which is about to be solved. Apparently the area will be used as a high quality sports complex with a budget of 200 million Euros. The official announcement was issued on June 2010 and full details can be read here.

I was on the spot during my first visit to Malta, in September 2009, and again now, in February 2011. It’s extremely easy to enter the premises. Actually there is a bus stop right in front of the main entrance, no fences, no security officers. It’s wide open. Some locals like to visit the place, for a walk, for a picnic, for walking the dogs. I spotted a guy picking logs of wood in the area and some traces of homeless occupation. The level or risk seems to be extremely low.

These are the coordinates of the access: 35° 56.053’N 14° 27.751’E