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This visit was part of a set of activities which took place during my recent visit to my old friends in Prague, where I used to live. Although the hiking itself was a bit crappy (too much asphalt and wide trails), I had great pleasure visiting this place. You see, this is apparently the former missile base where USA planned to install a huge radar site, which would work with a missile interceptors base in Poland. Well, all this was part of an ambitious project developed in the last years of G.W.Bush as President of US. In the Czech Republic the agreement raised endless protests. I remember the demonstrations and all the bad talk. Basically nobody wanted the radar base in the country.

Anyway, Mr. Obama came to the power in the White House and the whole thing was cancelled. Which I didn’t know until my friends told me. The site is still an interesting area although, due to unknown reasons, access became more difficult recently. Just a couple months ago my friends visited the area and the walls and fences were basically falling apart, with multiple crossing points. However, to our surprise, we found the perimeter – or at least the bit my friends were familiar with – was recently fixed with fresh barriers. Fortunately we found a “get in” spot and in we were

The freshly placed fixing in the walls and fences made us a bit nervous. We didn’t know what was going on inside. Soon we calmed down a bit when we saw a local mushrooms picker following us through the same hole. Then we spot a car… two cars… again, a bit stress. But it turns out they were just Czechs basically doing what we were doing, who somehow found a place to trespass with cars.

We extensively explored buildings and underground bunkers. Torch is highly advised. The three huge ramps are impressive. Highly visible on Google Earth, but only on the spot you really become aware of its size. No clue about the exact purpose of the ramps though.

There is plenty of information about the whole Radar – Missile in Czech Republic and Poland thing. This is one a good reading:

To get there, take a bus from Smichovské bus station, to Mnisek pod Brdy, then do the walk. It’s possible to shorten the distance by taking a connecting bus to a closer village, Kytin. All lovely. By the way… hole coordinates: N49 51.079 E14 10.330