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Yes, yes, I know. This is petty urbex but I couldn’t resist. This place used to be a club, or, as older people say, a disco… or… as even older people say, a “boite”.  Established in a touristic zone, it reached its peak by the late 70’s and the 80’s. Its decoration and indoors layout were revolutionary by then. There was even a small water pool outside and there was water inside too, like, in waterfalls.

I visited this place once. It was almost 20 years ago. I had been invited for a weekend in the beach house of a friend of a friend. I spend a great couple of days, with a group of fine young people. We were all in our middle twenties and in one of the evenings we drove from Lagos to Horta 2. It was a hell of a night.

Never again I heard about Horta 2, not until I came across these ruins just yesterday. I was told there was an effort to renovate the place, but whoever was involved ran out of money and the workers left the building as it was. Now it’s just a ruin, an ugly ruin which is still able to speak about other times, glorious days of luxury, passion, love, excitement, expectations.

It’s quite easy to get there. The building stands next to the main road (EN 125) and the gate is wide open. Feel free to visit, shoot some pictures around… enjoy. Coordinates: N 37° 09.200 W 008° 37.549


Ciladas was not really a village. It was more like a core, a place where support was offered to people living in isolated farms and houses in the countryside around. There was a church and a school. Abandoned now. The school is still in good shape though. A few decades ago people gradually began attend church mass at São Romão village and children were taken to the local school there. Ciladas became a forgotten place, and the elders say it was finally abandoned about 30 years ago, after being founded in the 17th century.

The church, which was actually the original core of the village, is now a ruin with its roof partially destroyed. The school is in better condition and you can visit the class room and, of course, stand in the outdoors playground, where nothing remains but the laugh and talk of the kid’s ghosts.

It’s easy to get there, even if it’s damn remote. There is asphalt road passing just in front of the remaining buildings, and then no fence, no problem, just explore around and have fun. Coordinates:  N 38° 48.461 W 007° 16.259