Ciladas (Abandoned Village), Elvas, Portugal

Posted: July 12, 2011 in Portugal

Ciladas was not really a village. It was more like a core, a place where support was offered to people living in isolated farms and houses in the countryside around. There was a church and a school. Abandoned now. The school is still in good shape though. A few decades ago people gradually began attend church mass at São Romão village and children were taken to the local school there. Ciladas became a forgotten place, and the elders say it was finally abandoned about 30 years ago, after being founded in the 17th century.

The church, which was actually the original core of the village, is now a ruin with its roof partially destroyed. The school is in better condition and you can visit the class room and, of course, stand in the outdoors playground, where nothing remains but the laugh and talk of the kid’s ghosts.

It’s easy to get there, even if it’s damn remote. There is asphalt road passing just in front of the remaining buildings, and then no fence, no problem, just explore around and have fun. Coordinates:  N 38° 48.461 W 007° 16.259

  1. Maria Josè Bernardo says:

    Parabens! Eu tirei as mesmas fotos deste lugar em 2006 qdo estive là,por um motivo especial,pois minha avò Materna Marianna Quinquinè nasceu nesta cidade esquecida.
    Fiquei muito triste qdo cheguei là, chorei… muito esperava saber mais sobre meus antepassados e descobri uma cidade fantasma tao fantasma qto eles para mim.

    • Douglas says:

      Olá Maria José. Eu também sou descendente de Marianna Quinquiné, proveniente da mesma localidade. Podemos trocar mensagens a fim de conhecermos melhor nossas origens?

  2. Gustavo Ratier Quinquinel says:

    Maria José, sou primo do Douglas. Nós moramos no Brasil. Meu nome é Gustavo Ratier Quinquinel é também temos a mesma origem. Meu mail de contato é meu telemóvel código do país 55 67 992410545

  3. Douglas says:

    Maria, pode me enviar um e-mail:

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