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Monastery of Monfurado, Portugal

Posted: September 6, 2011 in Portugal

I came to this place for the first time two years ago. Last week I paid the old monastery another visit, which inspired this article. Actually, I had no pictures of my previous raid, that’s why I never wrote about the place in my blog.

I couldn’t gather much information about the monastery. It was founded by a group of monks which used to seek shelter in some Roman mines which still exist somewhere in the area. The grounds where the monastery was built were donated by an admirer of these monks, a local farmer named João de Vilalobos e Vasconcelos. The formal name of the monastery was Convento de Nossa Senhora do Castelo das Covas de Monfurado, also known as Convento dos Monges. The building was under construction when Portugal was hit by the terrible earthquake of 1755, which left the kingdom in a poor condition. The first mass service took place in 1783, but in 1824 the royal law of abolition of religious orders brought the monastery to its end, although the church remained active at least until the early 20th century.

There are a few farmhouses around, which, apparently were still being used in the 80’s. Be aware that the monastery is located in private grounds, but don’t expect problems if you decide to visit. There is a proper trail leading there. Don’t just walk through bushes or so.

Entrance of the building: N 38° 34.431 W 008° 11.619