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I don’t know the story of this building. I saw it for the first time while researching for my trip, in a blog. The author visited it, following a recommendation from the staff of his hostel. Seeing the pictures he published, I knew I had to find it, but somehow it was impossible. Then, a miracle: an Australian girl who stayed in the same dorm in a hostel in Dubrovnik mentioned she had visited the place. Well, and she gave me detailed directions.

I read somewhere it used to be the building of a bank, but some people in Mostar told me it was in fact a shopping center. The Australian just said “the snipers tower”. It doesn’t matter, really. Whatever it was in the past, it was completely destroyed during the war in Bosnia (most probably between 1992 and 1993).

The structure has free access. Wide open. Nobody will care. Wandering around, one understands the nickname the Aussie mentioned. Standing in the upper floors, watching people walking on the streets, I could imagine I was a sniper and was quite aware of the damage I could cause from that position. But I’m not sure if the place was really used by snipers, at least for an extended period of time… I mean, they would be sitting ducks, vulnerable to artillery fire.

I didn’t count the floors, but there are about eight. In the one below the last one, there were traces of homeless people.

Coordinates:  43° 20.645’N  17° 48.375’E

The building is located in the West bank of the river, not far from the city center, definitely walking distance. Don’t be afraid of mines and so. Not in this one. By the way… there are other buildings in the area which were destroyed during the war. Easy to spot, tricky to go in.