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The Old Bakery, Portugal

Posted: December 31, 2011 in Portugal

I was driving in the area of Ferreira do Zêzere when I spotted this group of small houses. Time to pull over and check out. Well, one of the houses is properly locked, no way in without damaging property. The backyard is wide open but nothing really interesting over there.  However, the house on the right has its door open. Well, it’s “locked” with a wire.

Apparently it use to be a bakery, which was founded in the 30’s. From then until the 70’s the bakery baked its own bread and distributed it for others to sell. Then they ceased their own production and kept open just selling someone else bread. Finally they close in the year 2000.

Currently the property is for sale. Of course, this is petty urbex. We are talking about a small house. 20 sqm or so. But let me tell you: this was the creepiest place ever. First of all, being so close to a main road increases the adrenaline. I mean, when you are exploring somewhere out there in the woods, you know you will hear someone approaching like km’s before he actually reaches your spot. Not when you are inside a small 20 sqm house 10 meters from a buzzing road. You don’t hear shit. You just feel the tension. You are inside, it’s dark and the light coming trough the breaches is not enough but makes the place creepier.

Than you go downstairs to the small basement and you spot the remaining of what used to be something alive. It looks like something out from space, although it was probably a kitten. And then… a toad! Geez! I felt a relief when I got out and got the warm sunshine on my face again.

Fekkin creepy!

Coordinates:  N 39° 42.827 W 008° 18.130