Hahn USAF Air Base, Germany

Posted: February 29, 2012 in Germany

My thoughts were floating and somehow it came to my mind: I never presented in this blog my first urbex adevnture, the beginning! And I did have some pictures of it! Well, yeah. It was in 2007. October. I was in my way for a trip to Bratislava and Wien, which would end in Prague where I was establishing myself. So it was a big moment, an important journey. I was flying with Ryanair, with a scale in the small aiport of Frankfurt-Hahn.

It happens this airport, before it started to being used by Ryanair, was an important American Air Base, playing a major role during the Cold War. From Wikipedia:

Hahn Air Base was a frontline NATO facility in Germany for over 40 years during the Cold War (former ICAO EDAH, now EDFH as Frankfurt-Hahn Airport). It is located 10 km (6.2 mi) from the town of Kirchberg and 20 km (12 mi) from the town of Simmern, and 2 km from the tiny village of Hahn in the Rhein-Hunsrück district of Rhineland-Palatinate in west-central Germany.

It was the home of the United States Air Force 50th Fighter Wing (in various designations) for most of those years as part of the United States Air Forces in Europe (USAFE). It was one of several USAFE bases in Germany (Zweibrucken Air Base, Ramstein, Sembach, Bitburg, Spangdahlem, and Rhein-Main) all within 100 km (62 mi) of each other. Beyond their location in the heart of US troop concentrations, these air bases were well situated to reach all locations within Europe and the Mediterranean region.

At the end of the Cold War, Hahn Air Base supported more than 13,000 people and three squadrons of F-16 tactical fighters. When the Cold War threat of an invasion of West Germany subsided, the United States was left with a huge excess capacity of expensive airfields in Europe.

As a result, the 50th TFW was inactivated in 1991 after 35 years at Hahn. The 496th TFS was inactivated on 15 May; The 313th TFS on 1 July, and the 10th TFS on 30 September. The 50th Tactical Fighter Wing was inactivated on 30 September 1991. On 30 January 1992 the 50th was activated as the 50th Space Wing at Falcon (later, Schriever) AFB, Colorado.

On 30 September 1993, most of Hahn Air Base was returned to civil German authorities but USAFE retained a small portion as a communications site.

The German government decided to turn the former NATO airfield into a civil airport. One of the main investors in the development of the new Frankfurt-Hahn Airport was Fraport AG, which primarily runs Frankfurt International Airport, the aim being to reduce the amount of traffic using that airport.

The faculty and police training school of the Rheinland-Pfalz State Police were combined at a new joint facility located at the air base’s former housing area in 1996.”

Further info at the Wikipedia Article.

Well, and there I was, with a full day ahead of me, nothing to do. So why not explore the nearby facilities. So I walked. And walked. Eventually I found hangars, abandoned. The old checkpoints reminded me of the famous Berlin’s Checkpoint Charlie. I saw the barracks, the squadrons headquarters and assorted structures related with military activity. I can’t remember the details anymore, but it was a cool day, although a bit cold and damp. All of it carrying my full cargo (remember, I was moving to Prague….).

Now, the best bit was the bunker. Yes, an underground bunker I found. Explorable. A wreck but by then no graffiti.  It was awkward. Exploring former Soviet bases it’s common. Now, it’s not every day that you ave a change to to the same with their counterparts, an American base. And as it was the best, the coordinates I am providing are for it: N 49° 56.963 E 007° 17.317

Be aware that it might be tricky to find the right access. Most of the area is fenced and eventually guarded. Ironically I almost ran intro troubles when I was exiting as I passed in front of a trailer with two civilian guards who got nervous, seeing me leaving the area from where I was not suppose to come from. Fortunately  they couldn’t speak English so I played the dumb tourist role and kept walking as they yelled at me.



  1. FREYJA says:

    This saddens me greatly. I spent the majority of my childhood in Hahn, Germany. My father was stationed at the AFB. He was the AF powerlifting champion. I was blessed to spend my life in such a humble community- while touring Europe with my family… Traveling from one competition to the next.

  2. rocky5460 says:

    I was stationed at Hahn AFB from 1978-1980, 50TH SECURITY POLICE SQUADRON. The photos bring back many memories of good times at Hahn. I had many friends there. I traveled to the many castles up and down the Mosel, visited Munich, and learned to ski while staying at the General Walker Hotel (which is no longer there) for a conference. I bought my first 35mm camera while serving at Hahn, and it became my passion. I took many photos while there, but unfortunately, have since lost them. But the memories are pressed into my heart and mind. Thank you for sharing your story and the images online. I would like to also return there someday.

    • papaleguas says:

      Thanks for your comment. By the way, stay tuned: I was there again last month and will post more pictures soon.

    • BartMan__X says:

      you worked with my dad! we were there same time my dad was a MSGT with 50TH SECURITY POLICE SQUADRON

    • Mark Johnson says:

      I was also stationed at Hahn AFB from 1978-1981. Worked in CSC as a Commplotter/Controller for MSgt Taylor and 1st Lt Kibbey, great guys to work for. I think I was with “B” Flight, but not sure. Hate seeing it so run down, but it does bring back some great times.

      • James Parker says:

        Dude, WTF? we as in you, me, Taylor, Kibbey, Ham.. were on C flight with KellyOThompson,The Snoz, BlindBabie, JeffWolfe, Mai(y)nard(s), BillyHunter, ChrisTaylor, JRob, JohnRose, Phillip Embry, DannyThomas, ChuckMedinger, BillHarris, FrankKim, I’m leaving too many out..we should write a book ..Kibbey’s moustache, Cflight house parties in Sohren..
        With tears,

      • James Parker says:

        And may TimDooley forgive me.

      • COEN,ORAN T. SGT 50th SPS says:

        No it was “C” Flight. I was there 1979-1984

  3. […] ao acordar teria tempo para explorar, pela segunda vez (a primeira foi em 2007 e está documentada aqui) os vestígios da base da USAF (United States Air Force) que durante a Guerra Fria esteve instalada […]

  4. coyle kenneth j. says:

    i was stationed at hahn from 09-76 to 08-78 i was a parachute rigger.i went tdy to italy & turkey

  5. eugene smith says:

    I was stationed at Hahn from 1973-1976.iwas a firefighting specialist.. I played football I played safety cornerback and kickoff returnerand I played basketball

  6. Shaylene says:

    Me and my ex husband were at hahn AFB from 1991-1993 just before it shut down. He was an SP there.Loved that place

  7. D. B. says:

    I was with the 50th sps from 1986-1989. I was a witness to the famous Morbach werewolf incident and have written about that incident since 1997. I also am a survivor of the Ramstein Airshow disaster of Aug 1988. I am 100% disabled with PTSD because of it.

  8. Ron says:

    I purchase a 1960 MG from a fellow who purchased the car from the nephew of the original owner. His uncle’s name was George T. Brinkley with the 50th Air Police squadron(A/1c George T. Brinkley AF 16426762) in 1960. He purchased the car new in Bitburg while stationed there. I have the original purchase agreement for the car before he imported it into the States.

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