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Minas de São Domingos, Portugal

Posted: April 28, 2012 in Portugal

The mines of São Domingos are a treat for the urban exploration lover. There are endless spots to find and explore, and nevertheless the nearby village, which is an interesting example of urban development as a support for mining activity. There, you will find rows of similar houses, prepared for the workers. Besides, if you have the time, a trip to Pomarão is advisable. This other village was connected to the mines by a railway, which would carry the mineral. There, the cargo would be moved to ships, which would navigate down the river all the way to the ocean, and then, to England.

To make a long story short, this region was known for mineral extraction since Roman times. But the mine as you will find it was founded in 1857, and the exploration was conceded to the English company Mason and Barry. Activity was terminated in 1966. For further information (Portuguese only) about the mine, visit this link. A short Wikipedia article in English can be found here.


I’ve been in these places endless times, but ironically I never collected a proper number of good shots. The area of the mines is enormous and I can’t point you specific places. It’s all interesting! It’s like a film location for shooting a post-apocalyptic movie, Mad Max like. Provided coordinates are just a starting point for exploration:  37° 40.178’N   7° 29.758’W. If you plan to visit, don’t hesitate to write and ask for any details you might need.