Soviet Submarines Facility, Balaklava, Ukraine

Posted: July 2, 2012 in Ukraine

Ok, this is not really URBEX, but it smells like it. And it’s so big, so important, that I really didn’t want it to miss my blog. People have been writing about this location in hundreds, if not thousands, of blogs and forums threads.

So, what is this about? Well, the whole area of Sevastopol, in Crimea, was not accessible to the normal Soviet (and then Ukrainian) citizen until 1993 (I think); in short, it was a militarized area, a huge base formed by dozens of facilities. And from the whole lot, Balaklava was the most well protected, the most secret. There, the Soviets built an underground base for submarines. It took five years to build and it became finally operational in 1961. It was designed to host up to seven class 613 or class 633 submarines.

With the collapse of Soviet Union the site was later abandoned, in 1995. For a while it became just a strange ruin, where people could enter and freely explore. A dangerous situation, with at least three deaths recorded due to accidents with explorers there.

Finally, in 2005, due to the efforts of the city of Sevastopol, a museum was open in this former military facility. Nowadays the visitor will have to pay a ticket and wait until a group is ready to start the tour, which is available in Russian and English. The cots of the ticket is approximately 7 Euros. Tours take about 90 min and include a walk of about 3 km underground. At least I was told so. So, as I said, this article is not really about Urbex! Geez! A tour! Yeah, I know. I would give everything for the privilege of visiting the place as it was, let’s say, in 2000. But well, not possible.

Good webpage with great pictures and further information about the base:

I guess for this one you really don’t need coordinates, but here they are anyway:  44° 30.122’N  33° 35.808’E

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