Military Hospital in Sevastopol

Posted: August 6, 2012 in Ukraine

Not much to say about this one, really. In the day of my arrival to Sevastopol my host brought me (and a co-hosted Russian traveler) for some sightseeing and urban exploration. After visiting the submarine facility in Balaklava we proceeded to this spot, which I had previously identified and located on Google Earth.

We brought the car just because… well, why not… but otherwise, if you visit Balaklava it’s easily walkable although it’s uphill. Just follow the road leading the the submarine base museum, and start walk up. This abandoned building will be on your right. Please consider that once in there I noticed a similar building just in front, but I had not the chance to explore that one. My fellows were not so excited about this place so I didn’t even mentioned the other one.

I know nothing about this building. I found it in another Urbex website (sorry, forgot which one) and there wasn’t much info there besides the reference of being a former Military Hospital. Which makes a lot of sense, considering the location and the layout of the building.

The structure it’s easily accessible, offering great views over Balaklava and surroundings. Access to the attic is possible. I wonder why the basement was blocked by a brick wall.

Coordinates:  44° 29.741’N  33° 35.382’E

Oh! Meanwhile I found my original reference, where you can watch further pictures of the place:


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