Donax – Abandoned Boat, Olhão, Portugal

Posted: August 16, 2012 in Portugal

From Wikipedia:

Donax is a genus of small, edible saltwater clams, marine bivalve mollusks. The genus is sometimes known as bean clams; however, Donax species have various common names in different parts of the world.

I agree this is not proper urbex. There is a boat, a beach… not exactly nothing urban on the scene. But definitely something very explorable!

Donax is a boat, an old fishing boat which was being used by IPIMAR. What the hell is IPIMAR? Here:

The IPIMAR is the Public Research organisation in Portugal in the area of fisheries and is the institution responsible for managing research and giving advice in relation to the fishing policy on behalf of the Portuguese government.

So, what happened to Donax? The story goes like this… IPIMAR got a new boat, someone bought the old one, Donax, for a ridiculously low amount. The idea was to use the boat in touristic trips… diving tours, fishing, wildlife spotting, etc. But something went wrong along the way… it could be lack of funds, or the damn bureaucracy. Truth is the guy who invested in the boat quit the project. So he left her there, on the beach, alone and abandoned. There is an old sign saying “For Sale” but it’s broken and barely readable.

Being a small boat, it won’t take much of your time. No more than 15 minutes to fully explore. But it’s a great visit. Extremely picturesque in small scale. You have the navigation devices and the radio still in the captain’s room; you have the bedroom, the engine room, the toilette room. And the colors, and the rust, and the surrounding beach. Fun, fun, fun!

Of course you can combine a day on the beach with this visit. To get to the place, you will have to get a ferry in Olhão.  Donax is located in Armona islet. There is a boat leaving every hour. In 2012 the cost of a roundtrip ticket was 3,60 Eur. I am not even going to bother providing coordinates. Donax is bout 200 meters East of the ferry pier.

  1. Anais says:

    Ive just been there today, after reading your article (dates of 6 years ago).
    Unfortunately it has been completely burned, and there’s only it’s carcass left.
    Very sad to see..

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