Torres Pinto S.A. – Faro, Portugal

Posted: August 27, 2012 in Portugal

Not far from the city center a huge area of abandoned buildings provides a perfect scenario for each lover of industrial archaeology. The company Torres Pinto S.A. was based in these grounds in a neighbourhood named Bom João, located between the marshy area of Ria de Faro and the town. The complex of storehouses, offices, raw materials processing and shipping facilities had a building area of 20.300 sqm, in a total area of about 55.000 sqm. The main activity of the factory was the processing of raw cork.

In 1996 a state of bankrupcy was declared and the work came to a halt. Finally, in early 2010 the property was brought to public auction (I couldn’t find data regarding the outcome of the auction).

I found this place by accident, while trying to get to a nearby supermarket.  I can add that there is a second abandoned factory confining with Torres Pinto, offering equally interesting features.

The place has some unpleasant inhabitants. Homeless and gipsies. Be careful and aware of risks. This is not totally harmless people. Otherwise entering the facilities it’s easy, the gate is wide open.  Coordinates of the entrance: N 37° 00.883 W 007° 54.998



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