Railways Building in Leipzig

Posted: June 4, 2013 in Germany


I went to Leipzig almost by accident: I needed to go through this Eastern German city to get to Prague and then I saw no reason why I wouldn’t visit it properly. Of course I made my home work. I found a Facebook page of Urbex in Leipzig and then, by chance, I found a fellow who provided me an extensive list of urban exploration sites in the city with coordinates. Of these, I selected a few. The others were either too far from the center or too risky for a solo exploration.



Well, in the end I just had the chance to visit one of these spots. It’s a couple hundred meters from the main train station of Leipzig and it’s indeed a structure related to the railways, although I had no clue of its exact nature. This is one of the things I like the most in urban exploration: to speculate about the places and what went on there in their good old times. This house was a mix. There were residential rooms, collective showers and toilette, storage rooms, an area covered by glass roofs, and even mysterious tunnels.

leipzig-03 leipzig-04
leipzig-05 leipzig-06

One thing I can tell: it was spooky. Of course, when you do this alone and in a foreign country the adrenaline is always higher than average. I also find myself more vulnerable when I explore locations close to cities. Well, this one was right on the centers. To me it only means that odds of encounters with weirdos and tricky “fauna” increase.

I entered using the only available opening, a door under metallic stairs in which someone opened a hole. Then it was exploring and exploring. Eventually I thought I heard sounds, but then decided if there was people moving around there the level of sound would be higher and I decided it was just the wind. You see… just like in a classic scene from a horror movie. But yes, indeed it was only wind. Most people can’t recognize levels of sound. But they exist and aren’t so hard to identify. In an empty building – even in the middle of the city – noise is low and a single human step can be heard, distinctively.








But despite this I decided I had enough adrenaline. I was not happy, knowing there was only one way out and it could be blocked by any incoming “visitors”. So I left. Coordinates of the place:  51° 20.837’N  12° 23.189’E

leipzig-13 leipzig-14
leipzig-15 leipzig-16

And, finally, the glorious entrance:


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