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Torre das Águias, Portugal

Posted: August 2, 2013 in Portugal


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I found this place while doing Geocaching. Lost, somewhere in the inland of Southern Portugal. It was built around 1520 by Dom Nuno Manuel, one of the close servants of the king Dom Manuel of Portugal. It survived the strong earthquake of 1755 – which destroyed so many old buildings in the country – but without proper maintenance it slowly aged and it is now a ruin. On the 23rd June 1910 it was classified as National Monument and some works were performed in 1946, but to no avail. It is surrounded by buildings of a farm, also abandoned.  It’s located in private property bot nobody will object if someone wishes to visit. It’s possible to enter the tower-castle and go all the way up, but caution is advised.




torre-09 torre-11

Extra caution is advised on this one. The building is in very poor condition and the floors between levels can collapse at any moment. Specially if you walk on them. Which I did, but very slowly and feeling it with my feet. Now… if you go, go all the way up, for an awesome view of the surrounding fields and the local abandoned farm. Because the site is not all about the medieval tower. The farm itself it’s interesting although the houses are still locked. Plus, there is also a chapel, also locked. And it’s not a good idea to be a smart ass around. There is at least a guy who takes care of the place, keeping his tractor and machinery in one storehouse and he his a nice fellow but I am sure he wont be thrilled if some foreigner comes and tries to get in in a locked property.