SAM Base – Tocna, Czech Republic

Posted: December 11, 2013 in Czech Republic



Just like Miskovice SAM Base, the facilities located near the village of Tocna – suburbs of Prague – were intended to defend the capital of the country against any air attack from the NATO countries. Considering the similarities – after all the bases were part of the same system – I will use the text I wrote to Miskovice:

For 45 years, USA and Soviet Union kept a tense relationship. From both sides of Europe – western and eastern – an incredible war arsenal was positioned, ready for the was which fortunately never came. Prague was by then the capital city of Czechoslovakia, therefore, part of “the other side”. The country was an important link of the Warsaw Pact, hosting the Soviet headquarters for the Central Army. Czech foreign policy was completely subordined to Soviet Union interests.


With the end of the Cold War and reduction of Defense budgets, many military facilities were abandoned. Amongst them, a network of air defence missile bases around Prague. It was their mission to protect the city against air attacks. Tocna was part of such system. Nowadays, from the ten or so bases of the kind which were installed near Prague, only Tocna and Miskovice can be freely explored. The others, are either in the hands of private owners or still active as military facilities.

Personally I prefer Tocna over Miskovice. Not only one can combine the visit with one fine hiking trail which will cross the hilly woods leading to the historical town of Zbraslav, but also there is more to explore on the site.












In this picture you see the village of Tocna. The base area is marked with the red line. Nearby there is a set of buildings which are active civilian business.

Coordinates of the access:  49° 58.630’N  14° 25.570’E


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