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In Pula, a city in Istria, formerly Italian, then Austrian, then Italian and now Croatian, the Habsburg empire established one of the main naval bases of its Navy. It kept being used as such until the collapse of Yugoslavia. Nowadays the area is part of Croatia, but the Croatian Navy is not using the base anymore. Kept locked for a while is now wide open to whoever wishes to enter the grounds and explore around. However, as far as I could see, there are parts of the huge base still fenced, although I believe they can be visited also. I am saying this because as driving in the approaching road I saw barbed wire looking recent on the top of the long wall by the side of the road. But even in this new barbed wire there were openings.


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Entering the facility is totally easy. Actually you can get in driving is the main gate is wide open. So most of the exploration IN the grounds can be made by car which is great as the base – as most bases of this kind – is truly huge.

There is plenty to see, even considering all was carefully pillaged and stripped from anything sellable. I specially liked what seems to be the main square, probably surrounded by the administrative and HQ’s buildings. Then, there is the “island” (not sure if natural or artificial, but I got the impression it was human made), connected to mainland by a pontoon (also possible to drive in although it’s a bit tricky). There, plenty of men are fishing and there are even a couple of professional fishing boats peered there. From what I could read this was the place where the Yugoslavian Navy kept some hydroplanes and a large underground fuel deposit is kept, covered by a massive shelter.


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These are the main gate coordinates:   44° 52.938’N  13° 49.199’E and this is a picture of the entrance: